Terms & Conditions


Purpose and Scope:

The Engineer Abdullah Bugshan Research Chair for Dental and Oral Rehabilitation encourages the full utilization of its research facilities to support researchers from King Saud University Colleges & Departments, including other institutions in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.  The research facilities are available for the sole purpose of undertaking investigations to produce contemporary high quality research evidence in material and health sciences and to promote innovation.



  1. In the spirit of cooperation and the desire to use the space and equipment for which it was designed, every attempt will be made to accommodate all researchers and activities.
  2. Investigators and researchers interested in utilizing research facilities must obtain official written approval from the office of the research chair (DOR@ksu.edu.sa) as per the regulations of the Deanship of Research, King Saud University.
  3. All investigators (student or faculty) have to complete and submit the required forms and relevant documents at the office of the research chair prior to their submission of samples for testing and analysis. (Both for pilot and main studies) (IRB Approval needed if Required)
  4. Applications can be completed and submitted through the Chair’s Secretariat or by downloading the forms from the Chair’s website. After the Chair has reviewed the application, a quotation shall be issued, and the logistics and time frame developed for the completion of the project proposal.
  5. Individuals with official approval for using the research facility will be designated and they will work in the presence and with the advice of the research technicians of the research laboratories.
  6. A safety first mentality should be adopted. No one should undertake any manual-handling task that they feel they are unable to manage. If in doubt, do not carry out the task. Ask for assistance from the authorized laboratory personnel.
  7. The safety and preparation of all samples of the researchers is their own responsibility and no staff of the research chair facility is liable for any of the materials and samples of the researcher or their colleagues.
  8. Only the individuals within the research group approved to use the laboratory facility will be allowed to undertake research tasks at the laboratories.
  9. The research chair is not responsible for the scientific validity of the research work conducted by the researchers at the facility, nor is the chair in any way or form accountable/ answerable for the scientific result and outcome of the investigations and subsequent publications. It is merely responsible to provide support for the testing of samples after the submission of required documents.

Note: For micro-CT, trial test scans are required before a project will be approved. The trial test scans will help the client to effectively evaluate and ensure successful completion of their project.

  1. The equipment are expensive to maintain and complex to use. Therefore all applicants are required to fulfill the quotation requirements and only the authorized laboratory personnel are allowed to operate these machines. Researchers are only allowed to observe and/or assist the authorized laboratory personnel during the course of operation of the machine/s.
  2. No laboratory work shall be carried out without the corresponding job order for the project.
  3. The research chair follows a very strict ethical policy and any unethical and illegal activity by researchers will be addressed with stern penalties. In addition, any act of misbehavior towards the research chair staff will not be tolerated and will be reported to the higher authorities along with discontinuation of the approval for research activities for the concerned individuals.


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